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Anti-seismic device

Through steel plate and rubber layer vulcanized, providing excellence performance in vertical stiffness and horizontal displacement. The isolator is self-recenter device after absorbing energy and displacement.



It can provide the best solution for absorbing and dispersing energy of bridges and buildings.

Different international standards can be met, Ex: AASHTO、EN 、GB.  




Testing - Wuhan Huazhong University


Product range

Isolator size from 400*400mm to 1620*1620mm are available, loading capacity from 1600kN to 25600kN.

In addition, the seismic isolator size from 400~ 1200mm have passed the type test in Shanghai Tongji University, Huazhong University of Scienece & Technology, Guangzhou University.

The largest size been delivered and in service is 1420*1420mm.